Floating in empty space.

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound. -William Shakespeare I went down to Salt float studio in south Perth yesterday to do a float and decided this time around that I would cease trying any kind of technique or method, not thinking about anything in particular but just laying there and focusing on fully relaxing... Continue Reading →


Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one's being. Donald Curtis- Have you ever taken that minute or so to get in touch with how your body is feeling? Is it loose and relaxed, are you feeling that subtle euphoria that comes with having your body,... Continue Reading →

Here as you are.

I want to talk about being here as you are. Taking that couple of minutes where ever you are to stop and bring your attention into this moment, paying attention to the breathing, the sensations in the body or even paying attention to the stream of thoughts. When we take that couple of minutes to... Continue Reading →

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