Seeing life as a system.

This topic fascinates me. Whoever you are and whatever your worldview, 99% of us share the belief that we are people and have lives that revolve around us. We believe that whatever happens, happens to us. But what if instead of whatever happens happening to us, it happened in a system.

When we see life as a system, we have more choice. The system is yours to use as you see fit, to program however you like. This perspective is going to allow you better attention distribution, this is the key to getting results in any area. Lots of us struggle to get the results we want not because we’re incapable but because our attention is being pulled in different directions.
Let’s start by zooming out and taking a look at our lives from a birds-eye point of view. Ask your self, what’s most important to me? What direction do I want to move in? What are the barriers here? We want to zoom out so we can get these answers clearly and not have them obscured by our emotions and insecurities. If your main goal in life is to become a professional football player, yet most of your time is spent playing chess, there’s an error in the system. Only by clearly and honestly investigating these errors do we have any hope of correcting them. So, now that we’ve asked our selves these questions lets have a look at our answers and begin to build our lives how we want to, not because we are just the way we are, not because other people want us to, but because it’s our system and this is our birthright. See your life as a system, develop it in order of your highest values.

I hope you enjoyed this short piece. I’m playing around with everything here a lot right now and felt like putting out something relevant.
Feel free to follow the blog, new stuff coming soon. ❤

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