Setting the proper expectations for change.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Let’s talk about setting proper and realistic expectations for lifestyle changes. This is important because if your expectations are out of line, too abstract or just downright unrealistic you can potentially run into a lot of roadblocks and barriers and are far more likely to burn out along your journey.

Ok, so what I mean by setting proper expectations for change is that you want to strike an even balance between the expectation being challenging and engaging, yet realistic and achievable. For example, let’s say I’m 150kg and I want to get down to around 100kg am I going to just start eating 3 apples a day, jogging everywhere and start attending CrossFit classes? Of course not. What’s gonna happen if I do this is I’m gonna overexert my self, lose my vigour and eventually crash because the workload is far too high for where I’m at currently. On the contrary, if I were to just leave 5 or so chips at the bottom of my family fries every night I’m likely not challenging myself enough to see any significant results. Let’s say though I swap out my soda for fresh juices and water, walk to the store instead of driving, leave one of the crispy cremes in the box once in a while, well I’m likely to start seeing some results here. See what I’m doing? I’m striking that even keel between challenging and achievable. The power behind finding and cultivating this balance is that over time, little by little, challenge by challenge, we build strength, our capacity increases and maybe most importantly our sense of vision and our sense of hope increases. See, when we can see our work paying off, although incremental, we can experience the rewards in a consistant and steady flow, and that flow will become the river on which you float your way to shore.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, the way you wanna set these high-quality expectations is by having a clear and concise vision of what the changes are, what they’re going to offer you and what they’re going to cost you. Remember, we’re not rushing into the deep end of change all at once, not spending the whole afternoon dipping our toes in, we’re looking for that even and sustainable balance between the two, somewhere we can swim. Understand that this balance is present within all things and always has been. It’s difficult now, it’s scary now, but that sense of fear and discomfort will blossom into… That parts for you to find out ;).

Hope you enjoyed this, I’m making some bigger changes that are proving to kick my ass so it felt only right to put some time into this topic.
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