Happiness fundamentals.

“Live your life like you’re the hero in your own movie.” – Joe Rogan

Ultimately everyone is interested in happiness. It is the prime ingredient behind almost every motivation, the underlying reasoning behind all decisions, big or small. If we pay attention it’s rather easy to see that as a species we only do two things. Avoid pain and pursue pleasure or at least attempt to. And that’s what today’s topic is going to be about, the fundamentals to attaining a steady and consistant flow of joy in life that pays of more than its cost.

To begin with, I want you to see that happiness at its core is more of high than anything else, a sort of rush that permeates through the physical, mental and emotional system. Different sources of happiness result in different effects and usually have a sort of cost behind them, for example, the happiness of something like Heroin is extremely high but has an equal if not stronger low bound to it, this is because the high from Heroin is ultimately deeply unsustainable and takes no real expertise to implement in life. But what about the high of something like taking up a martial art or maybe dance classes? For many, a new endeavour such as this can be unbelievably challenging and push them right the fuck out of there comfort zones, and at high speed. Yet, over say 6 months to a year worth of practise, what initially started as a low here can evolve into a pretty strong and sustainable high that can not only stimulate you on a physical level but on an emotional, mental and even spiritual one. Are you able to spot how this sort of, organic hierarchy, manifests itself in different forms depending on how, where and what your happiness is attained from? Another key aspect here is the sustainability of your happiness, by that, I mean your ability to sustain it. Let’s say that for you that your most tangible source of happiness comes from witnessing lunar eclipses, well, if that’s the case I can tell you right now that this life is gonna be a pretty rough ride. But what if your most tangible source of happiness was coming from every time you noticed yourself take a breath of fresh air. Different life completely! See, a lot of people are going to struggle through this life for the very simple and often completely overlooked fact that they tie their happiness and wellbeing to completely ungrounded and unsustainable sources.

So let’s talk about building the necessary infostructure to experience a more happiness and joy dominant lifestyle.
First of all, what we want to do is sit down and go over the go-to sources of our happiness and sort of, psychoanalyse ourselves a little bit, asking questions like “Why do I do this?” “How long have I been doing this?” “Could I cut this out and still be just as happy?” “Is this a sustainable source of happiness?”.
This can get a little confronting, to say the least. This is because somewhere deep down all of these happiness sources are intimately linked to our survival drives and thus make up the fabric of what it is your psyche considers necessary to keep itself alive.
So, once you’ve enquired into yourself a little here we can start to entertain the notion of more conscious and determined sources of happiness and how to install them. The software we’re gonna use to get this going is called Visualisation. Yep, that’s right good old visualisation, yet another often completely over looked, untapped reservoir of magic. Without going into to much detail what we want to do here is start dreaming up different sources of happiness, what we’re looking for here are sources that strike a rather precise and even balance between sources that are sustainable and accessible, yet challenge you and propel you in an upwards direction. An example here might be learning how to cook your meals at home, this is something you can do multiple times a day, multiple times a week and innumerable throughout a year. It will challenge you in that you need to structure the recipes, time, and desire to cook. Yet, it rewards you in that you know exactly what will be going into your body, you’ll experience the satisfaction of reward that stems from making the effort for yourself and you’ll almost definitely save a few bucks! That’s just one example out of a million.
The important thing for you to understand here is that as you begin to make changes you will likely notice that, dependant on the degree and weight of the change, your mind will instinctively react and attempt to yank you back towards whatever prior happiness sources you had in place. This is why making any significant level of change is often fucking hard and can take multiple attempts. Once again this all ties back to your complicated and deeply nuanced survival system that has been in the making since you could crawl.
I’ll leave you by encouraging you not to run away and flee from the upcoming difficulties of your change but to respect it, to understand it and even to love it. If you want the best possible life, you need to learn how to overcome the deepest challenges that will inevitably befall you. No one said this would be easy and if they did they aren’t worth listening to. Good luck, be strong and walk this path with an air of confident compassion, not with the quiver of doubtful fear.

If you enjoyed this piece and learnt anything please feel free to like it and follow the blog. I’ll be doing more practical direct stuff like this as of now so stay tuned. Lots of love. ❤

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