Showing her you love her.

Something a little different than my usual babble, yet something I think a lot of us need to hear and grasp.
When we’re in the process of attracting and attaining a woman all we want to do is shower them in love, be our best for them, ultimately delineate our good sides in the hope that they will want us and ultimately love us.
This is all well and good, the issue arises when we GET that girl, do you notice this? As soon as they are ‘ours’ gradually, little by little that seemingly organic need to display our best sides and do the best for our new partners can begin to diminish. And make no mistake about it this is the number 1 reason most relationships so are prone to turn to shit.
Seriously, all you’ve got to do is talk to someone who has been in and out of a couple of relationships to realise a key issue is that most people can begin to feel unappreciated and taken for granted, now, this isn’t always necessarily the case, maybe you do appreciate your partner in your ways which is something in its self, but what’s going to count is how you express that appreciation and that sense of gratitude to them.
It could just be little things, a block of your partners favourite chocolate, some of their favourite flowers, cooking them a nice meal, just ways of expressing to them that you’re there with them and that you care for them and love them.
An effective way of harnessing your expression would be to ask yourself ‘what am I communicating here’ ‘what is this gesture saying to them’.

When it comes to this kind of topic, men especially seem to find this to be rather difficult and confronting. This is because of this topic being a rather emotionally minded ordeal, while most men are more intellectually driven and left-brained so the idea of expressing how you feel and what someone means to you can often come off as softening and vulnerable (which it is). But see the thing is if you want a functional relationship which can sustain itself well, you’re gonna have to open up to your emotional self as well as your more practical self, see, that’s what’s gonna give the relationship fire! That’s what’s gonna give the relationship passion!
Stop running from your feelings and your sense of gentleness and compassion. It doesn’t somehow make you more of a man to be some sort of cold, robotic, stoic. Just a man who completely misses out on the exiting and orgasmic joy of having a heart. Namaste.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this, if you fit the profile of what I’m talking about here then this post should at least somewhat trigger you.
If you did enjoy this, follow the blog and let me know if you grasp where I’m coming from here. ❤

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