Cultural accumulation

Let’s talk a little bit about cultural accumulation and its variants.
As of recently, I’ve been living with my girlfriend in Melbourne. If you’ve ever been in and around Melbourne you’ll know that like any big city its ultimately bundled into a kind of smorgasbord of different suburbs and estates, each having there unique flavours, style and culture. Take Melbourne CBD for example, the heart of Melbourne, in the CBD you can hear almost endless traffic, spot a Starbucks on every corner and find yourself amalgamated in a kind of tuna fish school swimming from one block to the next! It’s loud, it’s heavy, it’s an endless dynamic that has the uncanny ability to entice and repel you in the same breath!

But 15 minutes down the road you’ve got the slower-paced, heartwarming, thrift shop littered little suburb of Fitzroy. A little place where scarfs seem to be worn as if they were mandatory attire, a place where getting a splash of coconut milk in your iced latte won’t even require a google search, oh, and did I mention it has the cutest little vegan shop! I think you get the idea.
Lots go into synthesizing the culture of a place, anything from the kind of food, music, fashion, capital, but most abundantly the people. The people and their pre-existing cultural roots. It’s funny when you take a minute to step back and see it from this kind of angle a culture can easily start to look like a sort of chaotic painting, a painting where globs of red, yellow, blue and the rest are all just thrown and muddled together to create some kind dynamic tapestry. And that’s exactly what this is about, it’s about beginning to see the accumulative counterparts that all come together to create the bigger part that is a thing.

Start to pay attention to your culture and the different strands of accumulation that permeate within it. More importantly, start to see how these accumulations affect and influence you.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit if ya did please follow the blog, thinking I’m gonna be doing more on Accumulation. Lots of love ❤

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