Accumulation and influence.

If we take a moment to consider it, it’s easy to see that our lives the way they are now are nothing but a product of 100s, 1000s, 10000000s! Of accumulations. Our bodies are simply the accumulations of the food we have eaten, the water we have drunk, the air we have inhaled. Our minds (maybe a little more complexly!) are an accumulation of perspectives and points of view, whether it be our own or those of others. I’m sure you get the idea, in other words, if you were a pot of boiling water whatever gets thrown into you creates the soup!

So again, if we take that moment to consider it does it not make sense to create this soup exactly as we want it? To create this soup in such a way that it climaxes in joy, abundance and freedom? Providing that’s what you want! I mean, you could create whatever kind of life you want, the point is just to choose because if you don’t, that choice is going to be made for you.

So take the time, even just a little time each day to ask yourself ‘what kind of life do I want to create here?’ ‘how are my day to day actions and decisions affecting the final product of my life?’. Take a moment right now to realise that you are a product of creation! All of us wield this sword of creation, the question is will you sheath it?

Thanks for reading, hopefully, you grasped what I’m going for.
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