Shutting the fuck up

“God is silent. Now if only man would shut up.” 
― Woody Allen

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been on and off experimenting with phases of silence, anything from Vipassana retreats, my own time and now even beginning silent days in my workplace. Taking this time to shut my mouth and just experience… Well… Whatever I’m experiencing at the time, has opened me up to a fair chunk of new insight on how I, my self function, how others around me function and how my environment as its own dynamic functions.

Really, if we’re jumping straight into it, the thing that’s so powerful about silence is that when your mouth stops, oftentimes your mind stops with it, creating a gap or void of some sort. This gap or void has been given many names throughout the ages, some call it Nirvana, some call it Moksha, others call it your Buddha nature or Christ nature, whatever label you choose to put on it what’s for sure is that it can equate to some pretty magical experiences. When we establish this connection that is within ourselves in such a way, we can become directly conscious of how our true nature is ancient and ever-living within us and how what it is that we are all truly searching for is a sort of… Boundless sense of expansion.

What I find to be perhaps the most intriguing and mindfucking part of this level of self-exploration is that all I’m looking for, all that I’ve ever been looking for has been with me all along.

Take some time to be silent, listen to it, become intimate with it, establish this connection to this part of yourself.
Thank you so much for reading, if you enjoy this sort of sane insanity? I provide please follow as I get less? more? sane every day. ❤

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