A bit on responsibility.

Do you ever notice how the focus of this life for the majority of people is heavily predicated upon how much they can do? Or how much they can achieve? Yet very little focus is applied to how one is being. Imagine if we paid half the attention that we pay to doing, to being. Imagine the majority of the “work” we did was aimed within us instead of without. We have put so much attention into the dressing of life, the toppings of life, the accessories of life, that we forget how to actually live! Or even sadder… We never learn how to begin with.
The notion of blaming life and life’s circumstances for our misery is a pointless and childish way of living. By taking the spotlight off of ourselves and shining it at people and situations other than ourselves, we day by day, choice by choice, become a self-proclaimed victim, yet fail to see how by applying this mentality to ourselves not only are we the victim but also the perpetrator! Are you getting this? This all stems from having so many defence mechanisms for not facing ourselves, that we never actually experience ourselves thus in turn cant be ourselves.
The more we become fully responsible for our physical, cerebral and metaphysical destiny, the better of a life we can create for ourselves and all those we come in contact with.

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