Loving this weather.

Its very rainy here in western australia. The rain is an amazing representation of elemental production, think about it, the air element literally grasping and storing the water element and distributing itself onto itself and repeating this process in a seemingly infinite cycle of self-care. Notice how this works perfectly, without any obstruction, see, it’s easy to see this kind of process as a sort of dumb process, in the sense that we believe that this earth and its functions have no real intrinsic sense of mind and that they are a sort of superfluous background phenomena that isn’t really relevant, in other words, we can treat mother nature as if she were like an old relative that takes up space more so that they provide any real sense of purpose. But, this old man or woman, when you really consider it, although they can appear this way now, was, is and always will be the foundation upon which life grew from and took form the way it has. The play of elements is just like this. If it weren’t for this elemental play, whatever you think of yourself as, would cease to exist completely, I mean, have you ever looked into the composition of your own body? We exist as something like 75% water and are then held together by a combination of the other few fundamental elements. This process here is not dumb in any way shape or form if anything its nothing short of fucking miraculous. Also, notice that no 2 days are ever really the same, there always exists a different kind of paint on the canvas of the sky. Always.

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