Accepting different belief systems.

“We begin to learn wisely when we’re willing 
to see world from other people’s perspective.” 
― Toba Beta

I want to touch on a topic that has been, for me, really not so easy to integrate and apply into my life. The ability to accept different belief systems (and there are a lot of them) and not only our own current belief system is a golden rule that can run deeply into most if not all of our social interaction with other beings.

When I say accepting different belief systems what I mean by this is having the ability to connect and mingle with people from there point of view as well as your own, as opposed to projecting the kind of myopia that the majority of us do. This sounds about as simple as it gets, right? I see it one way, they see it another way! Wrong. Having the self-responsibility/maturity to meet people where they’re at is a criminally rare trait amongst the majority of people you’ll likely come in contact with. At the heart of it meeting people where they’re at and seeing that their perspective is just that, a perspective. What I’m talking about here is becoming conscious of the fact that life can be and is experienced through a vast plethora of perspectives, all of which are unique and have there own sense of functionality.
Alright, so as I’m sure you can imagine meeting someone where they’re at if they’re at virtually the same place you’re at, will usually be fairly straight forward I mean if you like the colour red and you’re dead set on red being the best colour, life should flow fairly hunky dory when you’re conversing, hanging out, fucking and living with other people who are equally passionate about red being the cats pyjamas. But what happens when someone rocks up wearing a blue t-shirt, rocking the blue flag and blue Nikes? Well, this all depends on where you are in yourself and how openminded you are towards the fact that in this infinite mindfucking fractal that we call a universe, there’s more than the colour red! But in the real world, we’re not just talking about colour, are we? We’re talking race, nationality, gender, culture, politics, religion, sexuality, era, which breed of dog you like most, just to name a few. So what this seems to tell us is that clinging like a monkey on a vine to our particular ideology, our particular belief system etc, and turning up our pompous self-righteous noses towards the points of view of others who have lived completely different lives and had completely different experiences overall, is not only childish and closeminded but as we’ve seen for aeon after aeon, and are still seeing today its damn right fucking dangerous.

Part of the beauty of this life is curiosity. That deep curiosity that wants to explore, that wants to grow, that wants to put two and two together and come to our own conclusions about this life and what it means to us. And at the end of the day, that’s exactly what we’re all doing! We’re just putting two and two together, attempting to navigate our way through something so vast and so limitless that to even say that we know anything at all is… You get the idea.
Find the place within yourself that can understand that there is no reality, there is only interpretation, even saying that there is a reality in itself is an interpretation of what you consider to be reality. Each and every being has his or her own interpretation of what this life is and what this life means. This is a profound power. But as the legend has it, with great power comes great responsibility. Can we handle that responsibility?

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