Following heart. Following mind.

Have you ever felt you needed to make a decision, or even a series of them that at the level of your mind you couldn’t quite grasp, yet at the level of your body it felt fully right? There’s a saying that goes something like “your mouth says no no, but your heart says yes yes” I probably butchered that, but anyway you get the point. Sometimes our emotional body insists on making these decisions for us, whilst our mentality hasn’t caught up yet.
In our culture, we’re all about the mind, all about whats rational, whats logical, right? Anything that conflicts with that many of us will call insane! Completely ignorant to the insanity of such a statement in itself. This overbearing and deeply unconscious collective belief that every single thing must be filtered through our thinking minds has, without doubt, caused us massive amounts of suffering aeon after aeon, but is definitely more prevalent now than ever before. To be clear im not saying that the thinking mind is completely unnecessary or that it doesn’t have its rightful place within all of us, just that by being dominated by it we cannot and will not thrive in the way we can if we are in touch with our hearts (emotional bodies) and our guts (Intuitive bodies).
Sometimes we know what it is we need. Sometimes it can feel as clear as day. If your mind has a little episode there’s no need to judge ourselves and hate our minds, just know that the minds prime directive in virtually any situation is survival, and sometimes what it is we need to go deeper into ourselves can be outside of what it is we already know. Trust yourself.

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