Can you have it all right now?

“Life is a dream in which you are the dreamer as well as the dreamed.” 
― Bentinho Massaro

I wanted to make an objective post on the synergy between achievement and satisfaction. By this I mean I want to prod around at the idea that gaining something can bring us happiness. This is the prevalent belief system in our culture, the belief of ‘Once I get it then il be happy’ or as I prefer to put it once I get it then I will allow my self to be happy. Let’s get into it.

So the happiness that we’re searching for, that contentment, that sense that now I can allow myself to feel good for a while, where does this actually come from? I mean if we break it down a little we can see that the feeling seems to manifest itself largely in our body, can you think back to a time when stuff was really going your way and you felt that buzz in your system, that sensation of happiness that we all know and love? Take a second to remember and summon this up within you. Ok, now let’s pay attention to what’s happening here, a situation of some sort is going right for you or in other words a situation is happening that you accept, a situation that you wanted. So we used our minds to write ourselves a little story that goes something like ‘If I get this promotion I’ll be really happy’ ‘If I get a million dollars I’ll be ecstatic’ ‘If I can be with this person I’ll feel amazing’ so in this story there’s you as you are now (the one before the situation has occured), there’s the situation (that will allow the happiness), and finally there’s you having manifested the situation (you being happy). Seems simple enough, eh? Well, let’s dig a little deeper in. So happiness arises when the thought that you drew up triggered a happiness association which manifested itself in the body and causes the body to react as such. Now, when we look at it like this doesn’t it seems a little strange? I mean the technology that is capable of happiness (our body) is with us constantly, yet we only use it for that purpose when the ducks line up so to speak. Let me float an idea by you, what if right now you forgot all about your strongest most passionate desires (don’t worry they’ll be at the door when you leave) and instead created a brand new happiness association centred around your breath, by that I mean just temporarily make the highest value in your life your breathing pattern, take some deep breaths and allow yourself to feel the happiness charge within your technology as you focus upon it.
How does that feel? Good right? and the real kicker about this kind of happiness association is that its extremly sustainable, you don’t need to work for 10 years to take a deep breath.
To be crystal clear im in no way shape or form claiming that achieving goals is somehow wrong or antithetical to happiness, just that we have this absolutely beautiful system that can synthesize the stuff at an almost constant rate, yet we only allow ourselves to get a little shot of it when stuff goes exactly the way we want it, does that make sense? Just as something to play with over the next few days, when you’re doing your everyday stuff take a minute here and there to remind yourself that if you want you can synthesize a new happiness association on the fly, create one doing the dishes, create one going to the bathroom, create one talking to your partner, whatever you want, I can almost guarantee that by planting these small seeds of acceptance in the soil of your life, beautiful abundant trees will grow for you. You get out of this life exactly what you put in, never forget that.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, its something I’ve found very powerful in my own life. If you did enjoy it, like, follow the blog etc, more little nuggets to come. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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