Embracing your right nowness.

Felt like talking a little bit about lightheartedness. When we’re committed to stuff in life, whatever it may be we naturally develop ways of making that stuff manifest, maybe you’re something of a hard worker and you believe that with enough hard work you can grasp the world in your hands. Maybe you take a religious sort of approach and when you want something the first action you take is placing your hands together and asking whatever your higher power may be to lay whatever it is out in front of you, or at the very least show you the steps you need to make it happen. You could be the type to believe in conscious manifestation and use your emotions to intertwine your being with the feelings you would have by achieving whatever that thing is, using your inner sight you visualize what you want with crystal clarity. We all have our preferred methods of making shit happen, but one thing we can all have in common is we take the process of making it happen way too seriously! In other words, the vision of whatever it is we’re aiming to achieve can become so enchanting and intoxicating to us that we forget to enjoy what’s happening right now. Now I’m not saying that taking time to dream isn’t beautiful and motivational for us, just that no matter what the external circumstance you’re chasing you’ll still only be right here. Breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, being. And that being is where the brightest light shines through. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Right here, right now. So embrace your right nowness, have fun with it, see life for the gift that it is.

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