Living and loving life to the absolute fullest (LIFE CHANGING)

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
― Mae West

I want you to ask yourself a quick question. The question is how much fun are you having on a day to day basis? Seriously, like how much fun are you really having in your life right now? Maybe try to get a grasp from say 1 being absolutely no fun at all to 10 being so fun that your brought to tears on a daily basis because of how beautiful and enjoyable your life has become. Take a minute and come up with an answer. Did you come up with your answer? I’m gonna go ahead and bet that you landed somewhere between 2 and 5 right? maybe some of you came to a 6. Now, of course, that’s just a guess on my part, just an assumption, and the reason im guessing that the number is on the lower end of the scale is because when I go out and look around, and I mean look around anywhere, could be a city, a mall, even a park (shame on you if you can’t have fun at a park!) and all I can see is sour puss after sour puss, serious face after serious face, you know the look im talking about, that sort of stuck in your head look, as if your trying to communicate ‘Im a serious guy, I take life seriously and everything in life seriously and no one better stand in my way grrr‘. Wow, honestly guys this right here… This is a god dammed tragedy, it’s so tragic and most of us are completely oblivious to why. Well you see, the reason this is such a tragedy is that this thing right here we call life, no matter how you slice it, is short, really fucking short, sure sometimes it seems long and it feels long but really it’s short, and my philosophy on this is actually really simple, its that at the end of the day and by that I mean the end of your life, your gonna have a moment where you reflect over the whole thing, at one end of the spectrum there’s can be thoughts like ‘I should have done this, should have done that’ ‘Should have been better to this person, should have been better to that person’ ‘Should have made the most of this experence or that experience’ and at the other end of the spectrum there can be the thoughts like ‘Im so glad I did this, so glad I did that’ ‘Im so glad I made the most of my life and met my potential’ ‘Im so glad I had the vision, the courage and the discipline to set out, and acheive what I have in this world’ and most importantly ‘Im so glad I had fun in this life, so glad I enjoyed this life’. So that’s the thick of it guys, the second you make up your mind that lifes too damn short and that the only person whos gonna make it beautiful, whos gonna make it worth living, whos gonna see it for the absolute gold mine of fucking magic that it is. Is you. its always been you! Most of us are so caught up in ‘My life sucks because of him, because of her’ or ‘Im miserable because of this situtation or because of that situation’ and the rest, that we can become completely and utterly disconnected from the reality that just to be alive is the greatest gift your ever gonna have! Just to be sitting here reading this is the beauty that you’re searching for! Just to be conscious of your own breath! Just to be able to feel anything at all! Is literally the deepest miracle that you’re ever going to fucking find! So make the choice. What’s it gonna be? A life of misery, blame, and Netflix. Or is it gonna be a life of adventure, a life of passion, a life of experiencing love as much as you humanly can until your heart gives out? Make that choice, and make it now, because if you don’t someone else is gonna make that choice for you, and if you ask me it’s a little too big of a thing to gamble.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope reading this touched you as much as it did for me writing, im sitting here crying like an absolute idiot haha. If you enjoyed this follow the blog, lots more to come. 🙂

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