Swimming in an ocean of nothingness.

“Sometimes happiness comes not from what happens but from what doesn’t.” 
― Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Today after my shift at Beyond rest floatation I decided to have a float, I hadn’t submerged myself in one of the salty spaceships for a few weeks so I thought why not? Beforehand my friend who I was working with gave me some pointers that he has been introducing into the business recently, namely to try putting in the silicone earplugs before the actual float whilst in the shower beforehand, grounding yourself in your heart and focusing on the sensation of the water making contact with your skin, the other thing was to be mindful and lightfooted whilst entering the pod and taking a moment to relax into the water as opposed to just flopping in like its a swimming pool (which I always do!). Upon entering the pod I began as usual by focusing on relaxing my body, paying attention to the inward/outward flow of breath and eventually allowing those gaps of space to widen into an experience of nothingness, thoughts popped up as usual and wrestled with the sense of peace until around half an hour in (I think). Now I’ve been on and off playing with a plethora of spiritual techniques and disciplines for some years now, and I can quite honestly say being in that tank today was one of the clearest and most concise embodiments of true consciousness that I’ve ever experienced, it was as if all thinking and all mental constructs dissolved and that which exists behind those thoughts and constructs pushed its way to the surface with perfect clarity. I’ve been a fan of floatation tanks for a while now but having this experience today has left me with a new found appreciation for the technology.

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