Paint on the canvas.

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” 
― Eckhart Tolle

If we pay close attention at any given time, any given circumstance there is existence before thought. Imagine if your thoughts were like paint, endless splashes of paint thrown one after, a massive and impressive dance of colours constantly intermingling, merging and moulding together to create a variety of images. These images could be anything from a house, a car, a Forrest, or even a human being with a name and a life of its own. Now the nature of this paint is attractive and has the power to easily pull your attention towards it and glue your attention to the seemingly unending barrage of pictures that it can create, but where does the painted land? What exists as the canvas of these thoughts? The canvas differs from the paint in the sense that you can’t quite grasp it, can’t quite put your finger on it, you can experience it, yet can’t quite categorize it, but why can’t you categorize it? Why can’t you grasp it and put labels on it and so forth? Well, it’s because the paint that creates understanding, categorizing and grasping comes after the canvas! The canvas is always existing as it is, ever glowing, ever flowing and unchanging, yet the paint is constantly changing, ever unreliable, constantly synthesizing new images and patterns. The paint is the child of the canvas yet often completely ignorant to its parent, completely blind to the nature of what it exists upon. So then what really is the canvas? Well, that parts up to you to find out. 😉

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