The power of a stroll.

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
‘Ride,’ Pleasure said;
‘Walk,’ Joy replied.” 
― William Henry Davies

I want to share what I consider to be one of the more powerful habits that I’ve picked up along my journey.

When I was younger I would often find that it was pretty easy for me to get stressed out and even go into a full-blown tangent usually over some pretty dumb shit, growing pains and so forth, and back then I had nowhere near the amount of self-understanding and acceptance that allows me to deal with those kinds of emotion. But one thing that I always found to be valuable for me was a good stroll, I remember at least most nights of the week my best mate and I would always organise to meet up at my house and go for a long trek (often to our local beach) and although if you asked us at the time we would probably tell you that we were just hanging out or getting some exercise but I think we both knew that the habit meant a lot more than that, it was almost as if we would enter our own world and talk for hours about our lives and our goals and what we were gonna do when we grew up, to this day those walks were some of the best moments in my childhood and although I’m not walking that same road with that same person now (although we do still do it time to time) I still consider going for a good stroll to be an invaluable tool not only for the exercise but as its own form of meditation.

Other powerful aspects of walking can be that (for me at least) it has this surreal ability to break me out of funks. I’m the kind of guy that no matter how good things can be going for me I notice my self fall into funks, it could last for 5 minutes or even 5 hours but by going on the walks something about changing the way I’m moving, the fresh air and the sensation of the ground underneath my feet will, without doubt, trigger a difference in how I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. Learning this at such a young age has been a treasure that I will always trust in.

Thankyou so much for reading, do you like to take a nice stroll? Let me know.

A video explaining an excellent technique to add to walks

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