Floating in empty space.

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound. -William Shakespeare

I went down to Salt float studio in south Perth yesterday to do a float and decided this time around that I would cease trying any kind of technique or method, not thinking about anything in particular but just laying there and focusing on fully relaxing my body, breathing deeply and allowing the paint of my mind submerge into the canvas of nothing.

I find that one of my biggest shortcomings is that I can find it difficult at times to just sit in a room and do nothing, really do nothing and switch from the mindset of doing to the organic state of being, I found that it was much easyer for me to sink into that state of being in the tank. Its actually a really beautiful experiance to become aware of your own awareness and watch thoughts come and go without clinging to them, yesterday was without doubt my best float yet and I have a much better veiw as to how it can be so helpful to people.

Thanks for reading.

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