The power of a stroll.

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
‘Ride,’ Pleasure said;
‘Walk,’ Joy replied.” 
― William Henry Davies

I want to share what I consider to be one of the more powerful habits that I’ve picked up along my journey.

When I was younger I would often find that it was pretty easy for me to get stressed out and even go into a full-blown tangent usually over some pretty dumb shit, growing pains and so forth, and back then I had nowhere near the amount of self-understanding and acceptance that allows me to deal with those kinds of emotion. But one thing that I always found to be valuable for me was a good stroll, I remember at least most nights of the week my best mate and I would always organise to meet up at my house and go for a long trek (often to our local beach) and although if you asked us at the time we would probably tell you that we were just hanging out or getting some exercise but I think we both knew that the habit meant a lot more than that, it was almost as if we would enter our own world and talk for hours about our lives and our goals and what we were gonna do when we grew up, to this day those walks were some of the best moments in my childhood and although I’m not walking that same road with that same person now (although we do still do it time to time) I still consider going for a good stroll to be an invaluable tool not only for the exercise but as its own form of meditation.

Other powerful aspects of walking can be that (for me at least) it has this surreal ability to break me out of funks. I’m the kind of guy that no matter how good things can be going for me I notice my self fall into funks, it could last for 5 minutes or even 5 hours but by going on the walks something about changing the way I’m moving, the fresh air and the sensation of the ground underneath my feet will, without doubt, trigger a difference in how I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. Learning this at such a young age has been a treasure that I will always trust in.

Thankyou so much for reading, do you like to take a nice stroll? Let me know.

A video explaining an excellent technique to add to walks

Deep love in shallow water.

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” 
― C.G. Jung

Yesterday I did some floatation and decided to try something a little different than a meditation technique or just observation, recently ive been playing around with self love/self acceptance practises and have been finding them really helpful for gaining better insight and acceptance over some of my qualitys that I often find difficult to accept and as im sure you know What you resist persists.

So after getting in the pod and grounding myself for a little with breathing and relaxing my body I began by conjuring up a feeling of love in my body, I used an experiance I had the night before where I just layed outside on my trampoline for a half hour or so and completely blissed out looking at the sky and relaxing, after I got a solid connection to that feeling of love and just realising things as they happen I brought to mind a variety of things in my life that I find difficult to accept and patterns that I dont like about my self so much, after I bring these parts of me to mind I infuse the feeling of love and acceptance into those aspects and just notice them, notice them without judgement or without a need to change but just loving them and realising that nothing good can come from hating and creating conflict with these issues, focusing on how the only real way out is in.

I have to say recently I’ve found this kind of practise to be really helpful and conductive. Have you ever tried these kind of practises? Thanks for reading.

An amazing video on Leos channel from that explains the process in better detail 🙂

Overcoming limiting beliefs.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

― Confucius

The beliefs that we hold literally create our reality right in front of us. Anything down to your career, your relationships, your goals and aspirations and even your sense of self as a whole are all really subjective belief systems, a sort of amalgamation of the constant influx of stimuli you’ve been exposed to since day one. understanding this not just as some ideology but at an experiential level is going to allow you to see how your mind came to be the way it is, how your points of view and opinions have been formulated the way they have, how your decision-making ability has been formulated the way it has and in a big way how your value systems and motivations have been formulated the way they have.

So, what really makes up a belief system? What makes a belief what it is, and how does it get there? To explain this I want to use an analogy of a sponge. Imagine that as a baby your mind is like this sponge, completely dry and untouched you literally know nothing, your whole experience of life is nothing but a sort of existential emptiness, but some time goes by and as it does your sponge mind is dipped little by little into various puddles (Belief systems) a dab of this here, that there and overtime those liquids in the sponge begin to change the makeup of the sponge, in the sense that it no longer exists as that same dry empty state, but now as a variety of different stimuli that over time becomes your “Personality” your “point of view” or “world view”. This can be a beautiful thing and it is literally the stuff that makes you up as a person, this is beautiful in the sense that it can teach you right from wrong, it can teach you how to take care of yourself, how to pursue interests and passions, to build worthwhile and empowering relationships, and overall to create the life that you want to live, the life you were meant to live. Now obviously that all sounds wonderful and something I’m sure we all absolutely love the idea of and who knows maybe your sponge was dipped in all the right spots at all the right times, maybe you absorbed just what you needed to become a healthy and well-balanced human being who is capable of creating that life that you want to live. But now for the catch, the chances of that are slim, really slim, in fact, the odds are way more likely to be in the favour of you absorbing all sorts of very limiting and unhealthy belief systems, coming from family, friends and society as a whole. So what to do about this? How can one break out of a cycle like this? In a nutshell Awareness. The way you would break out of these traps and these confines, is awareness, you become aware that this is your situation and that a whole lot of your belief systems are corrupt and for the most part reflections of the belief systems of those around you. So start with the little things, taking the time to contemplate over what it is you want out of life, figuring out the steps you would need to take to achieve these things and then yes for the most part coming to the realisation little by little that the only thing stopping you is your own belief systems!

Another way of saying this would be, imagine a prisoner with multiple personalities and in this particular case, this guy is the prisoner, the guards and the warden. Now as the prisoner this guy feels trapped, depressed, confused and he wants out, and he’s gonna spend all his time here talking about how his life sucks and how he’s trapped and there’s nothing he can do, and in a certain sense, he’s completely right! As the prisoner, he is completely trapped and completely confined, because that’s what he believes! But what about as the warden? When he’s the warden, well when he’s the warden, of course, he doesn’t feel trapped, of course, he doesn’t feel confined or bored or whatever else, because as the warden he understands that he has control over the situation and that those metal bars have nothing to do with him. If you don’t want to be in that cage it’s as simple as that… Just realise that you’re not trapped and that what you think is real and what you feel is set in stone, may not be absolute truth. Or I could be full of shit, maybe you are completely confined and this is all just mumbo jumbo, who knows?

Rambled on for quite a bit there, let me know how you feel about all this jazz, and thankyou for reading.

Floating in empty space.

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound. -William Shakespeare

I went down to Salt float studio in south Perth yesterday to do a float and decided this time around that I would cease trying any kind of technique or method, not thinking about anything in particular but just laying there and focusing on fully relaxing my body, breathing deeply and allowing the paint of my mind submerge into the canvas of nothing.

I find that one of my biggest shortcomings is that I can find it difficult at times to just sit in a room and do nothing, really do nothing and switch from the mindset of doing to the organic state of being, I found that it was much easyer for me to sink into that state of being in the tank. Its actually a really beautiful experiance to become aware of your own awareness and watch thoughts come and go without clinging to them, yesterday was without doubt my best float yet and I have a much better veiw as to how it can be so helpful to people.

Thanks for reading.

Meditation in a little spaceship.

“The irony of sensory deprivation tanks is that in order to think outside the box, you must first go inside one.” 
― Ryan Lilly

Yesterday afternoon I went down to Salt float studio in South Perth and did a float, I have done a few before this but decided this time to try something a little different. When I usually go in I just focus on relaxing my body very deeply and doing some deep breathing or even a little light contemplation over some life stuff, but yesterday I decided to try practising a Kriya yoga concentration technique, it involves relaxing the body, directing your eyes upwards and focusing on the spot between the eyebrows, the idea behind this technique is to draw the energy up from the lower spine upwards and eventually out of the top of your head. It can sometimes be difficult to get into that groove of silence and concentration at home for a variety of reasons, maybe you have noisy kids or that dog that will come and give you a wet willy straight from the tap whilst sitting. But in this minny spaceship, I have found that I am able to really sink deeply into that place of relaxed concentration very easily most likely due to the complete lack of sensory input.

Thankyou for reading, Have you every tryed meditation during floatation?


Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one’s being.
Donald Curtis-

Have you ever taken that minute or so to get in touch with how your body is feeling? Is it loose and relaxed, are you feeling that subtle euphoria that comes with having your body, that comes with being alive? Or does it feel tense and agitated, reactive to a never-ending series of thoughts that can be oh so easy to get sucked in too?
Take that minute now. Just sit where you are and pay attention to the subtle energetic field that is your physical body, don’t manipulate it just feel it out, starting from the top of your head and feeling the sensations there then move down the back of your head, your ears and your face, down to your neck and the back of your shoulders, your upper arms down to your forearms then your hands, now down your chest and your back into the lower back and abdomen area, across your groin and your butt and finally down your thighs to all the way down to your feet. How did that feel, was there tension and stiffness? If so start the process again from the top of your head but this time move very slowly and focus on using your awareness to relax all of the areas where you feel any tension, take your time here, take all the time that you need and over time you will begin to feel a sense of deep relaxation and renewal within your system. If for any reason you begin to feel that you are unable to do this in certain areas just take a second to create an intention, and intention to allow yourself to let go, allow those body parts to let go. While you’re doing this focus on breathing deeply into your diaphragm and enjoying the flow of fresh air in and out of your system.
You will begin to notice that as the body is allowed to let go the mind will follow, this is because there is no separation between the two, the system is one interconnected whole that all runs off of each other.
Try to take up this practice of relaxing your body whenever you remember to do so whether it’s sitting at work checking emails, at home sitting with your family or even walking down the street.

Thanks so much for reading, let me know if this type of practice appeals and works for you.

Coming face to face with yourself.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. -Nelson Mandela

Facing our selves is, without doubt, the most difficult and challenging endeavour that we can take up, think about it no matter what decision it is that we make, no matter what direction we turn in one thing will always be certain, that you cannot escape yourself. Even if you elope to the ends of the earth (or beyond) that bundle of thoughts and karma that we think of as ourselves will be there like a shadow following you, constructing your reality in any way it sees fit. So let’s talk about what it means to come face to face with ourselves. I think it might be good to start by talking about what facing ourselves is not. For starters facing ourselves is not really any kind of achievement, milestone or win. Facing ourselves is not reaching a certain state or feeling a certain way. It can be pretty easy to get confused about what it means to face fear and come in better contact with ourselves, we are bombarded with the newest trends on how to become more fearless and live the life you’re meant to live and stuff of that nature, and its not that any of this stuff is wrong or ineffective its just that it is pretty likely missing the point of what it means to truly face ourselves at a very personal, existential level. So what does it mean to come face to face with ourselves? Well as I see it coming face to face with ourselves is the ability to be fully honest and accepting about how things are at this moment, that could mean feeling Happy, sad, depressed, angry, or indifferent. Its really easy to get caught in the cycle of attempting to manipulate life, to get one up on life, but long story short, you never win. So you see the mark of an emotionally healthy person is not someone who is constantly smiling, or someone who appears to be in some sort of ongoing positivity trip, it is simply a person who can accept what is happening no matter what, yes there’s still gonna be the way you want things and the way you feel it “should be” but the emotionally stable person has the godlike ability to not get caught in that mode of thinking and to accept his or her life as it actually is moment by moment. So without due let’s list a few common distractions that can keep you constantly at bay from that place of acceptance.
Media is a big one for us as a culture now when I say media, in this case, I’m really just referring to the constant stream of content, especially in the case of social media so mobile phones, television, or even magazines and gossip. These things become a method of distraction in the sense that they take the focus away from ourselves and place it upon other peoples lives and other peoples life situations, in other words, your less likely to be working on yourself if your primary focus in life is checking Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed.
This one deserves a post all on its own as it is something that we have become so addicted to yet most people are not conscious of this being an addiction, but make no mistake an addiction to vedging out in front of your tv, or spending night after night mindlessly scrolling through any kind of social media is no different from any other kind of addictions, some studies are estimating that your average westerner will watch up to 6 hours of TV a day! And that’s without the use of a mobile phone and laptop or whatever else, if we add that up we can come to a staggering 42 hour a week mark (Tv alone), now let me tell you this, if you were to spend 42 hours a week working on yourself and facing what’s going on inside you, it wouldn’t be long at all before you were a completely different human being in ways that go far beyond the scope of this post.
Oh yeah its not just the stuff we know is bad, but even something as foundational to our society as our social interaction can be a huge distraction, by absorbing your consciousness into other peoples lives situations and the story of the relationship that you share with that person you are more than capable of conjuring a massive focal point that can deter you from your inner work.
One way or another you need to eat and I’m not saying that by eating any kind of food you are deceiving your self, I’m more so referring to the way we as a culture go about food and the way we idealise and place this short term pleasure on an almost godlike pedestool. Its not hard to see how many of us can succumb to this addiction, obesity is at an all-time high and it seems more the norm to be overweight, that weight is not there because people are eating a well balanced healthy diet, its there because we use food in the same way many people will use drugs, in fact, they are really two sides of the same coin, both compounds you put in your body to elicit are certain sensation, a certain temporary high that isn’t often worth the comedown.
Drugs and alcohol.
Another big-time one, and one I have definitely struggled with in my own way, these are your more classic addictions. They have a very direct up and down set of characteristics, but for the majority these are really just the same sort of distractions (Not that one could not use certain substances to go in the complete other direction) Its also a big cultural thing for most of us, its really not hard to see constant advertisement for alcohol for example. Also, many of us grow up in families who will drink and smoke or use drugs very casually.
This really is the most powerful item on this list without a shred of doubt. To most of us being engrossed in thought for the majority of our lives is not just the norm but the only way we know, there is very little education on how with proper focus and intention awareness can leave the mind and focus on the divine beauty of god itself, or life if you like. whatever thought based system you’ve accepted as truth in your life, deep down is really the same kind of thing, whether its a ceaseless absorption in exoteric religion, science, or most commonly just your own everyday life, these thought patterns are undeniably the egos favourite mechanism from distracting you from the inner or transcendental self.
So there you have it just a little rant on the topic of using worldly distractions to never face the true self. Id love to hear distractions you have found yourselves in or others you know of. Thanks for reading.

Here as you are.

I want to talk about being here as you are. Taking that couple of minutes where ever you are to stop and bring your attention into this moment, paying attention to the breathing, the sensations in the body or even paying attention to the stream of thoughts. When we take that couple of minutes to pay attention to where we are and to notice what’s happening right now and become authenticly interested in what’s happening around us, there seems to be a slight window that opens up that we can feel has a peace emanating from it, a sort of calm that we can choose to sink into and embody at any moment. When we get there and we feel that peace moving through us you may notice that as soon as your mind gets ahold of this, it can twist and distort the knowing of this peace into its own agenda, its own story about what this peace is and where it may come from or maybe it will even begin to explain it to you in a very detailed manner, something like “My nervous system is calming down so I feel peace” ” I am going into the theta wave state” any of the sorts. But right now I want to invite you to just see those thoughts as thoughts passing by, you could liken it to clouds passing through an open sky, the open sky is your consciousness, yours ever existing ever being consciousness, the one that’s always been here, the only difference in the sky at any time is the cloud composition (or anything else you may see there!) and although the cloud composition may change I want you to bring your attention to the sky, and just take that minute to be with it. Become still and feel the peace move its way through your body, notice how this can become very grounding, almost as if you have slowed down time (or eliminated it completely!) this field of awareness that opens up here is a closer experience of your true self, the self that is not existing through a series of identifications but just existing as its self, try here to become more and more aware that the thoughts trying to explain this are just clouds within your sky, there to be observed but not manipulated in any way, another way to see this might be if you could imagine walking through a busy city at night with various people moving beside you, you don’t stop to talk to any of them or pay a great deal of attention to them, you simply notice there moving beside you and continue down your own path. Just something I felt like putting out there, tell me how you find that place. Thank you for reading.

The value of healthy eating.

It’s not difficult to see there has been more than enough ranting and raving about what the best way to eat is. In our day and age with the massive degree of influence coming from a plethora of different sources, even turning on the tv or visiting any given website we can be bombarded back and forth with information about what the best way to fuel your body is whether you’re hearing it from a high carb low-fat perspective, a high fat lower carb perspective maybe Atkins, Paleo or even diets that essentially limit you to eating one or two foods (Potato diet anyone?). Now I’m not gonna start going into specifics raging on different dietary patterns and why I do or don’t see how they could be useful because at the end of the day I’m not a nutritionist I’m just a regular dude who has been interested in health and wellbeing for the last 5 years or so, and in those last 5 years or so I’ve tried a fair few of these diets and some I’ve found that I’ve liked and some that I’ve well… Not liked so much. But there have been a few things I’ve learned over this period and I want to share those with you today.
For starters one thing I consider to be incredibly important here is maintaining simplicity with your food choices by this I mean before you’re putting all of your eggs into a certain end of one basket I feel its a great idea to look at the foundation of where most of your energy is coming from, and as far as I can see the best foods for your foundation are very simple, highly nutritious whole foods. Some examples of these kinds of foods would be Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and legumes and even certain grains.
I can hear the voices of ‘Well duh who wouldn’t know that those are some of the best food options?’ Well now days its really easy to hear how one kind of macronutrient carbs for example is not going to benefit you what so ever and how it will raise your insulin too high and that’s its pretty much just bad through and through , or on the other side of the coin you may hear how you should be avoiding fats because they will clog your arteries and cause you to gain unnecessary weight, I can see how some people will find that leaning towards consuming more of a certain macronutrient could work for the better, but still its really easy to get caught up into demonising other kinds of foods and not seeing that a well balanced whole foods diet is going to provide you with a strong foundation and consistent energy source for your life.
Let’s stop beating around Nathans opinion bush and get to the nitty-gritty of some good quality food choices for a simple, high energy, and affordable diet. Let’s start with fruits and vegetables, having a good amount of high-quality fruits and vegetables is something I have found really important for maintaining clear and high energy throughout the day, not to mention they can be delicious (especially fruit) and a far superior alternative to any sources of carbohydrates. The fruits I enjoy the most and find the best for the price in order would be Bananas, various melons, mangoes, berries and avocados if you’d count those. As for vegetables, I will usually buy a couple of bags of frozen mixed veggies a week and then things such as a bunch of kale and some green beans etc.
Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are an incredible source of dietary fat, protein and various other micronutrients for optimal function, buying these can get pricey though especially if you’re into organics. My favourites here would be Hemp seeds, brazil nuts, almonds, and pepitas.
Legumes. Legumes are excellent for protein and usually rather high in vitamin and mineral content, also a great alternative for those wanting to cut down or eliminate meat from there diet. My favourite legumes are Lentils (all kinds but my favourite is red!), chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans.
Grains. Grains are something I’m not too fond of nowadays as they tend to make me feel a little bloated if I eat too much of them, never the less a lot of grains are gonna have huge health benefits are a massive source of dietary fibre and a good source of carbs and protein. My favourites used to include Oats (oats were pretty much the main grain I’d eat, to be honest), Barley, black rice and brown rice.
Animal products. This one can get a little controversial especially coming from a more wholefoods plant-based perspective (duh) I myself was strict vegan for over 4 years and have only recently begun to add back in eggs and honey if they are sourced locally and I can assure the bees and chickens were treated well in the process of attaining them. The only ones I’m going to recommend here are the aforementioned Eggs and Honey. Both of these are usually considered to be highly nutritious and personally, I’ve felt really good eating them thus far. I’m not going to include dairy on this list as it is linked to a massive list of issues in the body not to mention the massive amount of people who are intolerant to it on some level or another is a pretty clear pointer to me, but that’s just one opinion and I know a lot would say otherwise and find it to be a staple in there diets so each to there own.
The peak of Nathan pyramid. As for stuff that I like on the sides I will use high-quality Almond and Cashew milks, Various ferments (Saeurkraut, Kombucha etc), cacao products, (mostly cocoa nibs, sometimes cheeky a bar of dark chocolate) Herbal teas.
That pretty much concludes my rant, again this isn’t all set in stone just some things I’ve picked up along my journey and what I’ve found to increase my energy levels and mental clarity, make no mistake about the value of healthy eating as no matter what you’re going to be doing in this life you’re going to be doing it in your body so making it the utmost importance to take care of it is invaluable.
Let me know what kind of foods you feel work well for you and your opinions on the topic, Thank you for reading have a good one.